• 07 2017-06

      Five points should be noted to order wooden hangers

      Should pay attention to five points made of wooden hangers supplies a seemingly very simple, but if wooden racks will get bad clothes damage, affect beautiful clothes, clothes from the following process, paint, texture, surface, wear degre

    • 07 2017-06

      What should be noticed when the clothes rack is electroplated?

      What should be noticed when the clothes rack is electroplated?A lot of people are very fond of using an electric coat hanger, and then we will introduce the notice of the hanger plating:First of all, in the process of electroplating, wat

    • 07 2017-06

      Wooden hangers are easy to use, but production is more complicated

      Believe that everyone has a clothes rack in the family! In use nowadays hanger is more common, because changing the trend of the times, people's living standard is higher, the hanger is also higher requirements, and the use of more cl

    • 07 2017-06

      The wooden hangers in the choice should pay attention to

      In the daily life of small hangers in the choice should pay attention to the clothes I don't think anyone unfamiliar with it, which is closely linked with our life, then we know that the clothes hanger is mainly used for quality, so t

    • 07 2017-06

      Color knowledge and detailed explanation of wooden clothes hanger

      Good wood hangers color knowledge and explain, in some large industrial plants, often see some paint wooden racks placed a series of models were a riotous with colour strong taste, but what kind of color is consistent with the modern seein